“Granby Mining” Day 7

Day 6.5: April 13 and Day 7: April 16, 2007 Muralist Anthony Benton Gude Views Granby Mural! On Friday, muralist Anthony Benton Gude (Thomas Hart Benton's grandson) stopped at the Neosho courthouse to view the Billie Stewart murals and speak with the artist. Then he made an appearance at the Granby Mining mural site (in the rain) and met with some of the mural painters and other interested observers to discuss painting and murals. Also attending was artist Dan McWilliams, designer of the Granby Mural. Yesterday saw great weather for painting outside. We had a total of 8 painters working on the mural; a record! We were honored to have Sherry Pettey, winner of the 2006 Thomas Hart Benton Mural Competition get up on the scaffold and help us paint. First layer color on levels 2 and 3 is nearly complete, while level 1 (ground level) is now under way (we are working from top to bottom). Enthusiasm runs high! Weather permitting, we will continue working on the mural on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from about 1:30 - 4:30. Feel free to pay us a visit anytime! Crowder College art students working on Monday (4/16/07): Brittany Bailey Whitney Farrar Tyler Hargrove Cindy Jennings Jessica McBride Carissa Parks Also helping were: Sherry Pettey, 2006 winner of THB Mural Competition Barry Flint, Project Coordinator for the Granby Economic Development Committee R. J. Savage, Director of Granby Mining Museum Allen Bishop, Crowder College Painting Instructor The Granby Mining Museum Mural was designed by Missouri artist Dan McWilliams and is jointly sponsored by: The Granby Economic Development Committee The Granby Mining Museum Crowder College